Civil Society and Electoral Process

Twenty young activists and undergraduate students found an interesting public meeting on “future Palestinian legislative and presidential elections” organised by the Society Voice Foundation- (SVF) in cooperation with Youth Hirak Centre in Maghazi at the Middle area of Gaza Strip. Those young activists who were born during the second uprising (2000-2003) and never participated in a public election, owing to current division between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

They actively listened to a paper on the importance of running electoral process and the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in the process itself, presented by Dr Yehia Al Qaoud, an expert and researcher from Palestine Planning Centre. The civil society organisations play a significant role in raising awareness of citizens and their active participation in the electoral process to support the efforts of Central Election Committee as Mrs Fida Amer, executive director of Society Voice Foundation said.

Mrs Amer also mentioned that Society Voice Foundation (SVF) seeks to raise awareness of young people about democratic practices and engagement on the electoral process. Civil Society organisations’ active engagement in monitoring the electoral process is significant to promote a transparent election in accordance with the Palestinian legislations and international standards as well.

Young activists who eager to participate in an election process engaged in discussion with the experts Al Qaoud about the rights and duties of citizens’ participation in the process itself despite the fact of current complexities and challenges of running the election under the denial of Jerusalemites access to elections freely under occupation.