SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program organized a community meeting to discuss “Woman’s Political Engagement” on June  9th, 2012. 60 women and young leaders attended this meeting from Al Fadila Women Society in Nuseirat.

Mrs. Sanaa’ Hassnat, civil society activist facilitated the debate focusing on women’s key role in political engagement. Mrs. Hasnat discussed the impact of women’s important role in community development Process. She indicated that women’s participation in the political development process will give her enough power to share responsibilities and obligations, which contribute to development of society in various fields. She also discussed the impact of political participation as an important factor of democracy. She pointed out that women’s social and economic liberation will increase her education as a key element of activating her political participation.

She also discussed the impact of women’s organizations in promoting women’s political awareness by implementing  educational, awareness, and cultural programs. There were a number of views raised to by participants in this context.  Mrs. Fatma Abu Khadra, a community volunteer and participant in the debate recommended and called community organizations to improve their actions of empowering women political engagement. These actions will empower women to get  opportunities to express their views without fears or hesitations to advocate their rights and issues aswell.

In this context, Mr. Yousef Sad, a civil society activist from SVF concluded the meeting urging community and women to increase their roles in the political process to achieve freedoms, independence, equality and social justice.