After school program: Weekly Activities – Khanyounis Governorate

The activity team continued the activities in the After School Program in cooperation with ” The Activity Center – Khanyounis ” participated by 60 students of the preparatory grade, Recreational Corner was activated which aimed to increase interesting and the activity to children, in addition to increase the ability to drawing the attention and the focus, includes using of several entertaining plays to break the shame barrier and strengthen the social and the friendly relations between children.

The free drawing activity was activated during this week, where the opportunity was given to students to draw and express their feeling aiming to develop the artistic skill and to empting the psychological feelings for the children.

In the Educational Support Corner, the students activated positively, the student attended the meetings continually and noticeable improving at the learning was achieved in all subjects, verified by the written and the verbal tests were conducted.

After school program: Weekly Activities – Middle Governorate

SVF is continuing After School Program activities, based on educational support, democracy and good governance concepts disseminating in cooperation with “Women Activity Center – Al.Brij, Al.Maghazi, Deir Al.Balah “and “The Palestinian Student Care Association “. The program conducted several workshops daily as follows:

1. Democracy, Good Governance and Rule of Law Corner: 3 workshops were conducted daily, several activities were applied such as ” rub your mind “, ” child rights and duties “, ” the moral and the law “, ” happened in my life “, ” identified convention concepts: theater sketch, through asking some questions related to law aiming to enhance student awareness of his rights and duties.

2. Parents and sons Dialogue Corner: three workshops were conducted daily aimed to reach an understanding and dialogue conditions between parents and sons to enhance the friendly relationship and cooperation inside the family.

3. Educational Support Corner: several workshops were conducted daily, aimed to improve the student learning and to simplify difficult course in the Palestinian curricula including English, Math and Science subjects.

4. Recreational Corner: several workshops were conducted through practicing entertaining activities, some collective and cooperative plays, activating techniques and expression activities.

After school program: Weekly Activities – Gaza Governorate

– Educational Support Corner: 31 workshops were conducted, 31 children were benefited their age between (6 – 15) years, and they focused on English, Math, Arabic and Science subjects. However, several aiding educational activities were conducted and solving of homework.
– Recreational Corner: 3 workshops were conducted, 20 children were benefited which aim to increase interesting and activity. Several amusing plays were achieved to strengthen the relations between children.

· Empowerment Women Political and Socio-economic Participation Program:


1. SVF held a public meeting on “The Palestinian Woman and the societal violence” in cooperation with Multaka for Khanyounis Graduates – Khanyounis Governorate, on March 4th, 2008 participated by 27 participants of graduates and NGO’s members.

Mrs. Wejdan Abu Jaza talked about the importance role of the Palestinian woman in the society, and her responsibility at develop and rising it.

She pointed to the difficults faced Palestinian woman at the social level, and assisted on the Arab communities’ traditions and habits in general and the Palestinian in special. The reasons caused to spreading the violence phenomenon and increasing it largely, consequently, lead to prevent woman to participate in making decision, express her view and demand her rights.

Mrs. Abu Jazar expressed that the Palestinian society suffer the violence against woman problem as the other communities, and clarified the violence types and forms and dangerousness on the whole community, which prompt us to deal and treat it stringency as an positive step on curbing violence against woman.

2. SVF held a public meeting on “The Violence against woman and its psychological and societal impact on woman” in cooperation with “Al.Maghazi Association For Societal preparation – Middle Governorate “on March 4th, 2008, participated by several of women and graduates.

Mr. Ahmed Bukeir said that violence against women and girls is a major human rights concern. Women can experience physical or mental abuse throughout their lifecycle, in infancy, childhood and/or adolescence, or during adulthood or older age, he continued. It is a social problem that warrants an immediate coordinated response from multiple sectors

The violence concept encompasses, he said, “physical, sexual and psychological violence occurring in the family and in the general community, including battering, sexual abuse of children, dowry-related violence, rape, female genital mutilation and other traditional practices harmful to women, non-spousal violence and violence related to exploitation, sexual harassment and intimidation at work, in educational institutions and elsewhere, trafficking in women, forced prostitution, and violence perpetrated or condoned by the state.”

He assisted that violence against women has serious consequences for their physical and mental health. Abused women are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, eating problems, and sexual dysfunctions
Violence has indirect effects on the society. It represents a drain on the economically productive workforce and generates a climate of fear and insecurity, he said.

Psychological distress can be misinterpreted as physical illness, particularly when certain types of psychological problems include physiological reactions

At the end, he referred to mechanisms facing violence against woman through creating guiding programs to direct families, and making joined campaigns to raise awareness of media tools on violence against woman.

3. SVF held a public meeting on “The economic impact and its reflect on the Palestinian woman” in cooperation with “The Woman Activity Center – Gaza Governorate “on March 5th, 2008, participated by 55 participants of women, graduates and activists.

Mr. Sa’eed Abdullah, talked about the difficult circumstances the Palestinian people live, including closings, siege and the choking economic effects. He provided a review of the three periods “Intifada at 1987, the Palestinian Authority at 1994 and the second Intifada at 2000. and their specific impact on the situation of Palestinian women, as well as the political and socio-economic circumstances of the Palestinian community in general.
Women tend to suffer disproportionately during times of political unrest and instability, he said. He stressed on the need to mainstream gender perspectives in policies and programmes to ensure that the concerns and needs of both women and men are addressed
He assisted on the woman rights in working, political participation, and the equality between man and woman all over the levels.

4. SVF held a public meeting on “NGO’s Role at developing the Palestinian woman’s situation” in cooperation with “Woman and Family Empowerment Center – Jabalia, Gaza Governorate “on March 5th, 2008, participated by 41 participants of women, graduates and activists.

Mr. Husain Abu Mansour, The director of Jabalia Association to rehabilitation disables, said that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have for decades played a crucial role in cultivating Palestinian society. And, it should be recognized that since 1967 their characteristics have emerged in the context of the struggle against Israeli occupation. Throughout their existence, Palestinian NGOs (PNGOs) have striven to enhance and organize society capacities and have offered it support in withstanding the occupation.

The world has in recent decades witnessed a significant increase in the number of non-governmental organizations, he continued. In light of today s overall globalization process, it is no coincidence that their spread has acquired an unprecedented dimension.

Mr. Mansour concentrated on the NGO’s efforts in improving the status of women in law and in broadening women’s enjoyment of education, employment and health care rights. PNGO’s played an important role in commenting and adding recommendations throughout the drafting process of several international human rights instruments. In addition, NGO’s undertook studies regarding questions and issues affecting women such as equal access to education at all levels, equal economic rights and opportunities for women, and various aspects of family law.

He referred to some statistics indicate women’s participation weakness in the NGO’s.
On the other hand, the social role of NGOs has manifested itself in many respects including the way they have conceptualized modern development models, programs for developing human abilities, and activities designed to promote democracy and to strengthen civil society, he said.
NGOs vary greatly in the roles they play and the work they conduct. Some organizations are more active than others are. Certainly, the NGOs play a major role in fulfillment Woman’s rights and needs represented by the following:
· Building and formulating effective development models and policies.
· Encouraging capacity building, creativity, innovative methods and providing resources for development activities.
· Transferring the experiences from other countries to Palestine.
· Supporting the tendency towards decentralization and the empowerment of local communities and groups.
At the end, the attendance called for the necessity of promoting the efforts and participation between the authority, the private sector and the NGO’s to face challenges which prevent woman’s development and growing.

5. SVF held a public meeting on ” The Woman’s Reality during the absence of the societal awareness ” in cooperation with ” Al.Nasser Charitable Association – Khanyounis Governorate “on March 6th, 2008, participated by 35 participants of women, graduates and activists.

Mrs. Wejdan Abu Jazzar talked about violence against women which comes in many different forms. One such form of violence is sexual assaults and rape of girls and women. Sexual assault within Palestinian society is a continuous problem that needs to be addressed and dealt with, particularly because Palestinians continue lives in a culture that fosters silence related to sexual assaults in the name of honor and considers sexual matters a taboo that should not be discussed.

Finally, the existing law lacks of a non-discriminatory and equality-based approach towards girls and women which most of the times prevents victims to be recognized by the law and the society as such.

She focused on the wrong conception of the traditions and customs, caused to violence phenomenon emergence and increasing, in addition to the cultural heritage and the absence of the societal awareness which margin woman’s role and status.

Mrs. Abu Jazar clarified the idea of caring the woman’s issues and needs for advancing and raising the community, consequently the whole society. At the same time the woman needs to develop her capacities to challenge the difficults surrounded her, in addition to supply with knowledge, culture, political and societal awareness.

· The Media Program:

SVF invited Mrs. Amaal Hmmad, General Director of the Woman and the Child Quarter in the Palestinian Parliament, and Mrs. Hibba El.Zayan, UNIFEM Program – Gaza, to talk in a prepared, produced and broadcasted radio program on (Women’s Initiatives to defend women’s rights) on March 5th, 2007.

The debate concluded that there important stations in the Palestinian woman’s life affected the woman status in the community although the obstacles the woman face in her life.

The woman falls under difficult depressions as a result of two reasons, the first is the occupation and the second is the community’s oppress of her rights, Mrs. Amaal Hammad said. The great achievements the woman achieve was draw back as a result of the currently conflict which affected the woman progress on the whole levels, she continued.

Mrs. Hammad hinted to the women’s movement worked closely together with NGO’s and the civil community’s institutions presented by women’s personalities through the national campaign on lobbying the decision makers in the Palestinian’s Parliament.

She said that the woman’s struggle, toward improve her reality, was not limited on elections law modification, rather, she worked on the whole issues and laws touch her rights in the life’s enjoyment to achieve civil community appreciates woman’s status and rights.

Mrs. Hibba El.Zayan talked about the UNIFEM, United Nations Development Fund for Women; UNIFEM is the women’s fund at the United Nations. It supports projects that promote women’s economic security, human rights and status. She clarrified the role of the organization in raising awareness of women’s issues across the world, raising money to fund UNIFEM projects and legal supporting through conducting awarness programs in cooperation with Palestinian NGO’s.

She expressed that there is financing for projects related to trainings affected woman’s progress and advance to prepare women’s youth leaders and raising women’s awareness of their legal and civil rights.

According to the statistics, Mrs. El.Zayan said, the violence against Palestinian women increased in large in the Palestinian community, she pointed to the bad and difficult circumstances contributed the violence dissemination against woman.

Mrs. Hammad assisted on the NGO’s headed by women who worked on the developmental and legal issues to achieve equality between man and woman.