Empowerment Skills of Young Girls in Investigative Journalism and Team Work

Society Voice Foundation- SVF completed successfully implementation of empowerment skills of girls from some the Middle Area schools on investigative journalism and team work.
Through this 12 months’ project, SVF aimed at enhancing skills and capacities of 30 girls’/students/leaders of high schools aged 15- 17 years old from different poor and marginalized locations of Gaza Strip by running a number of activities: investigative journalism training, dialogue, play show, Radio programs, and social media and producing literature ‘short stories, sketches, poems, songs and printed booklet, documenting girls’ work. These activities also contributed to develop young leaders’ teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Fostering critical thinking, teamwork, and other soft skills among marginalized school age students as tools for economic and social improvements in their communities; and increasing capacity for citizen and investigative journalism using traditional techniques and new technologies.
SVF was cooperated with a number of community based organizations- CBOs to launch its Girls Forum to run these skills activities. CBOs also assisted SVF to nominate 30 young leaders to participate in the Forum according to specific criteria: age, commitment and civic community engagement. The forum engaged young leaders in various activities to discuss and tackle civil society issues and to document them, for example, by producing (short stories, sketches, poems, songs). Young girls’ leaders were use various tools of social media to promote the project’s activities, outcomes, inputs and its impact.
By the end of the project, targeted girls were benefit from leaders’ talents production of short stories, sketches, poems and songs by sharing them via social media. These activities were assist the girls to use innovative and technology-based solutions to promote sustainable economic growth as well.