SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program invited Activist Nora Eid to talk in a radio show broadcasted by Alwan local radio station on August 29, 2012. Ms. Eid highlighted significance means of democracy, justice and equality among all members of the local community, asserting that Palestinian women have had a significant role to play in Palestinian struggle for the sake of social justice.

She also pointed out those women involvement in political, social and economic developments including affiliation with political parties has proved productive. Yet, a genuine women political participation remains insufficient, according to Eid. Concerning women roles in NGOs and other labor unions, Eid maintained that women have involved in several comprehensive activities or programs in a way that have enabled women to take an efficient role in real political or social development. “Developmental roles of women have extended to remote areas and reached neglected categories of their communities”, Eid made clear.

She recommended concerned bodies to set up comprehensive developmental plans for the sake of broader women political participation. She also called for replacing traditional negative values with modern concepts of democracy, social justice and equality between women and men alike.