In 2018, SVF succeeded to implement the activities the project “empowerment young women civic engagement and conflict resolution. SVF aimed through this project at empowering a group of young leaders as agent for community peace-building, civic engagement and conflict resolutions in the Gaza Strip. This included running a number of capacity building training, community awareness, network, advocacy, and media campaign activities.

SVF conducted, for example, four training session to empower the capacities of 120 young leaders aged of 18-24 years old on non-violence, tolerance, dialogue and community peace-building despite the fact of deteriorated social, political and economic circumstances in the Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip in particular. SVF also trained young leaders on techniques of leadership capacities of young women with emphasis on free of expression and elimination all forms of discrimination against women. To do so, SVF cooperated with a number of local community based organisations (CBOs) to activate and get 120 young women engaged in contributing and delivering the project’s activities as follows:

• Organised 3 community peacebuilding women forums to empower women’s intervention in community conflict resolution and peacebuilding who participated at different project’s activities.

• Organised 20 public awareness sessions to discuss women in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and civic engagement.

• Organised 5 roundtable discussions to tackle women initiatives and intervention in community conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

• Produced a newsletter documenting stories of women empowerment and intervention in community conflict resolution and peacebuilding, the outcome of the project and learned lessons.

• Produced and aired 12 Radio programs on young women engagement in community peacebuilding, conflict resolution, community voluntary work, public policies and civic engagement.

• Organized a final conference to discuss the outcome of the project, learned lessons, milestones, and way forward to expand the program.