In 2016, SVF organised 5 international advocacy meetings in cooperation with civil society organisations in Belgium, Ireland and UK to discuss the issues of displaced families in Gaza post-2014. The last meeting taken place in cooperation with CAABU at SOAS, University of London on November 30th, 2016.
The department of Law, Maynooth University also hosted a seminar to discuss the issue of displaced communities on November 24th, 2016. Nenegh Friends of Palestine also hosted a public Talk organised to discuss the displaced communities of Gaza and Challenges of Reconstruction on November 18th, 2016. In Nenegh, It was great to have TD Jackie Cahill attend the talk. Jackie said that the Irish Government should recognise the State of Palestine, as a solidarity measure, and has offered to put down a parliamentary question (PQ) in the Dail on the matter. He said that it is incredible that Israel is destroying Palestinian houses and infrastructure, often funded by the EU. Given Ireland’s historical experience of occupation and colonisation, Irish people should offer every support to the justice for people in this region.
This is part of a project implemented by Society Voice Foundation (SVF) in cooperation with Human Rights and International Human Law Secretariat which aims to raise and advocate the rights of displaced families whose homes were demolished by the Israeli military during the 2014 conflict and who have been waiting for their homes to be rebuilt ever since. SVF’s representative and founder Dr. Ibrahim Natil shared the findings of recent field study on displaced communities in the Gaza Strip implemented by Society Voice Foundation.