SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program invited the media activist Mrs. Majeda Belbeisi, and the civil society activist Mrs. Youser Atrash to talk in a live radio show on Alwan Radio to discuss ‘ Obstacles and Challenges Facing Women Political Participation ‘. The program broadcasted by Alwan Radio on July 18th 2012. Mrs. Belbeisi discussed the importance of women political and social participation. Mrs. Belbeisi considered that this legal right is one of the most important rights which can be achieved through equality, social justice and effective women participation in cooperation with the other parties as well.

In her part, Mrs. Atrash confirmed that the women movement plays a major role in strengthening and activating women political and social arena; however, there are some obstacles and difficulties that hinder woman participation to different political and decision making process.

Mrs.  Balbisi indicated that the complementary role between men and women in political and social life is very important to promote women participation. She said women need to be supported in their rights to occupy effective position in the decision-making process.

Mrs. Atrash mentioned that women’s quota was an effective and real step towards women political participation through councils, parliaments and various decision-making positions.

In conclusion, Mrs Atrash and Mrs  Balbisi recommended to promote women political engagement and to develop the concept of social justice and equality in the society. They also called all the officials, decision makers and women to work together to amend legislative laws supporting women political rights.