SVF invited Mr. Hani Habib, writer and journalism, and Mrs. Ibtesam Al.Zorai’i, social worker, to talk in produced and broadcasted radio program to discuss Palestinian woman situation under siege on August 27,2008. in his role, Mr.Habib indicated to the difficult circumstances the Palestinians live under the Israeli siege left its effect on the all the life aspects. He also referred that the siege has a military and security dimension beside the economic one aims to submit the Palestinian people to the Israeli occupation. Hence, he pointed out the Palestinian woman suffers during the Israeli siege who tolerates most heavy burdens. Furthermore, he assisted on the importance of support and empower labourer woman who contributes largely at supplying her family beside promote and enhance her great role in the community. in this regard, he assisted on the integral part falls upon the NGO’s as well as the civic community organizations to empower woman role in the community and provide her services to achieve high positions along with raise community awareness to support and enhance her status. In her role, Mrs. Al.Zorai’i commented that the Palestinian woman suffers a hard economic situation due to several factors include the most one which is the Israeli occupation. All of that led woman to seek to work under several and hard obstacles from the community. on the other side, Mrs. Ibtisam indicated some reasons that imposed the Palestinian families to marry their daughters early including the economic factor. Moreover, she considered the begging is a permanent phenomenon relevant to siege. In addition, woman begging is refused completely and the CBOs have to play an important role to stop this phenomenon. In conclusion, she invited the media to make awareness campaigns to raise woman status and role in the community.