SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program invited the lawyer Mrs. Fattmah Ashour and Mrs. Faten Bayoumi, civil society activist from Women Affaires Center, to talk in a live radio show broadcasted by Alwan Radio on June 27 2012. The program raised and discussed ‘ Palestinian Women’s Political Rights’. Mrs. Ashour pointed out the vital role of women political and social participation. She said: international conventions and local legislations guaranteed women political and social rights and supported their engagement in decision-making process.

Mrs. Bayoumi indicated that legal and human rights organizations play a key role in assisting and increasing women’s political engagement. However, there is a necessity to enhance genuine democratic atmosphere to contribute to empowerment women political and social participation. More, there is an urgent need to increase women political participation in decision-making process and political parties. She said this can be achieved through increasing women’s quotas representation in order to take leading roles in the governmental committees.

She tackled also the most difficulties and challenges facing women political participation. She said that there is a gap in the legislative laws and the implementation on the ground. She added that cultural heritage and the negative stereotypes of women have already limited their participation in political process. She said: changing and improving laws are very important, but education and dialogue are becoming much more crucial need to challenge negative traditions and cultures. However, she said women succeeded to achieve high positions in social and cultural levels and she has the right to get engaged in political and public arena as well.

In conclusion, both speakers called decision-makers, officials and those interested to increase efforts to advocate women political rights and empower their participation indecision-making process.