SVF invited Mrs. Sherien Khalifa, informational in women issues and affaires, and Mr. Ayman Abu Kraiem, social worker in the SVF, to talk in produced and broadcasted radio program on ” Political and Democratic Participation Project” on December 12, 2008.

Mrs. Khalifa believes it is a “very important position that women be in legislative council”, though she stressed it is not easy for a woman to take this role due to factors such as culture and social expectations. However, she believes the presence of women in the legislative council is important despite these obstacles. When it comes to the role of women in political activism, specifically as representatives of the PLC, Khalifa said the election of 17 women in the West Bank and Gaza was a positive beginning, but she is hoping for more women to be elected in the future. In her role, she assisted on the importance of working to open the way for more women to be in decision making positions; she wanted woman to be in the council because she has worked hard and has earned her position. In other words, “Women must struggle to be elected the normal way. In this regard, she discussed the two main areas that must change if women are to take a larger role in the Palestinian political area. “Women must pursue any chance to be elected, but culture must also change,” she noted. Hence, she stressed the need for more advocacy and education among men and women in Palestine. Secondly, political parties have a responsibility to make changes as well. It is necessary to appoint more women within each party to positions of leadership and responsibility to demonstrate that women belong anywhere. In his role, Mr. Kraiem tackled Empower Women Political and Social Participation Project idea and goal which resulted of continuous efforts of projects had conducted by the SVF. Furthermore, he referred to project activities which united 12 parliamentary meetings and the summer university. Additionally, he talked about the SVF’s formal women parliament beside the women parliamentary session which constitutes initial step towards enhancing and improving woman political participation. moreover, he discussed the obstacles and challenges faced project success. However, SVF succeeded to encounter impediments to achieve woman improvement in the political and social participation.