Programs and activities

SVF seeks to continue its operations in the Palestinian territories to contribute to the development of the Palestinian society and its social change process as follows:

1. Communications and Learning for Dialogue, Tolerance and Reconciliation

SVF aims at empowering Youth Role in Reconciliation, Tolerance, and Peace seeking strategic peaceful change Building through a coalition of at least 50 CBOs. SVF will form a sustainable coalition of CBOs to promote peace-building actions by building leadership capacities and knowledge of 300 young leaders aged 18-35 years old from different in the Palestinian Territories. SVF will promote youth awareness of tolerance, non-violence, perception and dialogue cross cultures, peace-building mechanism and conflict resolution tools and strategies for reconciliation and resisting violence to creating a state of conflict transformation within the society. To doing so, SVF will work closely with more than 50 NGO, CBOs, youth groups to recruit youth to be trained and activated to put their newly acquired peaceful skills and knowledge into peaceful actions such as media production, summer camps activities, hall town meetings and conferences to create a transformative public towards peace process to accepting others regional cultures and civilizations.

2. Good Governance and Human Right Program

SVF aims at promoting culture of good governance and democracy by increasing the participation of Palestinian citizens and CSOs in public discourse. By this, SVF seeks to increase the impact of citizens’ groups working for good governance, and rule of law. It also contributes to increase oversight of the public and private sectors. SVF believes in the value of associational life and in nurturing strong, independent and democratic Palestinian civil society. SVF’s actions seek to increase participation in public affairs beyond the act of voting by strengthening t role of civil society organisations in the public and political life. SVF seeks to expand the program activities.

3. Empowerment Women Political and Social Participation Program

SVF aims to empower women by raising the level of their awareness of in what concerns their legal awareness and rights including social, economic and political situation; raising their organizational and administrative capacities; empowering their leadership and economic initiative. This assists to strengthen communications between civil society operators and network by establishing dialogue and trust between interlocutors and different actors in order to influence the policy-making level, legislations and law-making. This is also expected to help multiple contributors to initiate changes in the old laws and to have new ones instead who are more relevant to their needs and particular situations of women.

4. Humanitarian and Job Creation Program

SVF seeks through this program to satisfy some citizens’ needs by designing, implementing and monitoring and evaluating a number of informal educational, community intervention and psychological actions to support the most marginalised, vulnerable groups (children and women) and the poorest people. This program has employed more than 109 university graduates by UNRWA funding from 2006 to 2011. This program provided a sort of job creation opportunities for young graduates to get engaged in serving the marginalised and vulnerable groups as result of ongoing humanitarian problems of Gaza Strip. This program contributes to achieve democratic governance objectives while addressing the humanitarian needs. SVF proposes combining the provision of a basic service with strong DG components, and to implement these initiatives in such a way as to strengthen the grassroots reach of the organizations, positioning them to take a larger role in pushing for democratic reform, adherence to the rule of law, and other DG objectives in the future.