SVF’s Youth Program for Dialogue, Tolerance and Reconciliation organized a public meeting to discuss the role of media tools in promoting community-based peace, in coordination with Al Tawasol Society for Development in Khanyounis. Mr. Jehad Ahmed facilitated the meeting and discussed the effective role of media in influencing the communities. He said that media succeeded to affect the Arab history through the later events of Arab spring revolutions.

He also indicated that the concept tof community-based peace maintains safety for all people living on the ground, and avoid the using of means of torture, killings and displacement. He maintained the positive effect of implementing such concepts on Arab communities especially the Palestinian society. He also pointed out the role of different media outlets, especially social networks and electronic websites, to promote a culture of community-based peace and empowering communities to rebuild the social union.

On the other side, he emphasized on the necessity of formulating information materials to strengthen tolerance and culture of peace. He added: ‘ this will contribute largely to facilitate the implementation the national reconciliation.

In conclusion, the participants demanded CSOs to organize more awareness seminars and meetings to increase community awareness of culture of tolerance, dialogue and accepting.