SVF held a public session on the spread of community peace in city ofJenin. The meeting was held at the Human Development Society in cooperation with Sawaed Society ofBethlehem, Students Education House Society on September 8, 2012.

Mufti of Jenin city, Sheikh Mohammad Abuelrub, Police Major, Mojahed Rabay’a , head of public relations at the Jenin Police Station and many other local community representatives including right activists, took part in the session.

Coordinator for SVF in Jenin area, Abdelhakim Shebani, inaugurated the seminar by asserting on the concept that holding such event inPalestinein general and in Jenin city in particular is of significance in terms of the need to spread the culture of community-based peace.

Abeer Qasem, coordinator for the community-based peace with the SVF, emphasized on the need for such a project across the entire West Bank, with the aim of reaching all categories of the local community here for the best of community-based peace and a free-of-violence community. Hassan Alkhatib asserted on the need for partnership between the SVF and other local governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as men of local tribal conciliation, for the best of spreading such a culture.

Mufti, Mohammad Abuelrub, addressed saying “Islamic teachings pertaining to non-violence based on reconciliation and tolerance advised by the Islamic religion”. The Sheikh cited a number of Quran verses and Hadith ‘ Prophet Mohammad’s utterance” as well as historical episodes by companions of the prophet, which all instigated Muslims to embrace concepts of non-violence, tolerance and reconciliation. He said that the Palestinian community should embrace such concepts by spreading them inside homes, schools and universities.

Major Mojahed Rabay’a, emphasize on the need for holding such seminars as a reminder to the local community that would break the barrier between locals and police. He said this would help locals connect to the police department directly for the best of disclosing cases of violence or harassment or attack. He also called on locals to spread among themselves such a culture of peace for the protection of the community out of the various forms of violence.

Laila Sobaih, a social activist, emphasized on the need for spreading such a culture among locals especially between members of the same family and she called for setting up plans or strategies that could promote such a culture.

Nsh’at Abu Murad, a social and sports activist, said that there needs to be a real work on spreading culture of community-based peace in cooperation with local concerned bodies including the Mufti and the police and others.

The participants regarded the session as very good and that participation was effective. The participants raised with a number of recommendations that follow:

  • Amending laws pertaining to crimes by imposing certain capital punishment on those involved in impeding culture of community-based peace.
  • Holding seminars and workshops for family members to enhance such a culture at the family level.
  • Focusing on youth in terms of awareness programs for the best of training those youth, especially adolescents, on ways to embrace dialogue and tolerance as a means to solve problems, therefore, the society could be free-of-violence community.
  • Coordinating fully with concerned bodies, either governmental or non-governmental, in terms of spreading the culture of community-based peace far and wide.