SVF completed a training course on promotion community-based peace, tolerance and dialogue in Jenin. The course lasted for four days (30 hours) and targeted 32 young leaders. This training is funded by EC. The training conducted in cooperation with Human Community. A number of the civil and governmental institutions in Jenin governorate participated in the opening session.

Mr. Abed Al Hakim, director for Human Community Association appreciated the great role of Society Voice Foundation in spreading culture of community peace. He also confirmed the vital role of disseminating community peace to increase cohesion and constructive understanding within community.Mr. Loa’y Oka and Hassan Kateeb delivered training to promote peaceful concepts of civil peace and their impact on Palestinian society. Mr. Oka tackled different types of advocacy and lobby campaigns to promote and disseminate the culture of community- based peace in the Palestinian society.Mrs. Abeer Qasim, SVF’s coordinator confirmed the significant active role of NGOs and CSOs in promoting and increasing culture of community and social peace. She also maintained the great need of conducting such kind of courses to empower the Palestinian youth in spreading the culture of community-based peace. She added: this training will contribute to resolve internal conflicts peacefully and build democratic society based on non-violence and accepting others.

Mrs. Qasim emphasized that the SVF will organize a number of public awareness meetings and live radio shows in the West Bank to disseminate those peaceful concepts and practices.  She continued: these activities will reach the largest number of participants and beneficiaries in order to mobilize new energies and capacities of young leadership to build democratic civil society free of violence.