SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program invited, Mr. Mohammad Al Khateb, civil society activist, and Mr. Yousef Sa’ed, SVF’s activities coordinator, to talk in a live radio show on Aug 8th 2012, to discuss ‘ The Mechanisms of Promoting Women Political Engagement ‘.

Al Kahteb focused on the important role of women in the community development Process through empowering their active role in the local councils and municipalities. He mentioned also that although the system of the Palestinian society which restricted woman’s movement, her role has increased more and more in the political life. It was through her participation in the legislative and municipal councils. He also focused on the great impact of her participating in the local councils at strengthening, empowering and increasing women self-confidence.

In his part, Sa’ed emphasized on the importance of increasing the power of the local governance in following up the local bodies in all respects. He also invited women to the importance of participating in the local elections in order to develop their political, social and economic role. Furthermore, he also confirmed the need to develop mechanisms to activate women’s participation in the community through local councils. He also addressed the necessity of implementing workshops to raise women’s awareness of the importance of their role in building a positive community.

In conclusion, both speakers focused on the need to empower women role in the Palestinian community through increasing her quota. They also confirmed the need to hold more meetings and workshops to raise women awareness of their important role in the community progress.