Society Voice Foundation – SVF organised a public meeting to discuss the role of civil society organisations in promotion of women community participation in cooperation with the Al Sahl Association in Rafah city. SVF invited the civil society activist Mr. Jehad Ahmed to have  a dialogue with citizens from the city.

Mr. Ahmed spoke about the contribution of women to the community development process of the society at all levels. However, women’s engagement in the decision making process and leadership positions are very limited despite the fact of their good qualification and contribution to the society.

He also discussed and shared with the participants the significant role, programs, actions and activities of civil society organisations to strengthen community participation of the various groups at the social, political and economic levels. More importantly, he mentioned that those organisations also play a very significant contribution in promotion of  women community participation and empowerment leadership role in delivering services and society development as well.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the participants demanded to increase efforts and continue works to improve the role of women and enable them to exercise their rights in the nomination and election, and the active participation and access to decision-making centers. They also stressed the importance of effectively targeted community awareness of the need to involve women in all fields, and activate their role in society especially in the area of political and social participation and contribution.