SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program invited Mrs. Hanan Abu Mashayekh, member of Maghazi Municipal Council and Mrs. Rana Hamdan, a member of the Municipal Council of Zahra, to talk in a live radio show at Alwan local radio to discuss ‘ Woman Role in Decision-Making Process within Local Councils ‘ on June 13th, 2012.

Mrs. Abu Mashayekh tackled the importance role of women in political and community participation in decision-making process. She considered their representative in the local councils and parliaments is a positive and effective development towards improving their situation in the community.

Mrs. Hamdan expressed that heavenly religions and international conventions stipulated and ensured women’s rights like the other party, and she has the right to occupy prominent and active positions in the political and social life.

In her turn, Mrs. Abu Mashayekh discussed the most challenges and difficulties facing women participation in parliament, local councils and decision-making process. She indicated that prevailing of dominant cultural heritage, customs and traditions in the community contributed to decreasing of women active participation in community and decision making process. She added that poor women’s staff besides the negative stereotyping of women which rejects all forms of women integration in the community also affected negatively their situation in the community.

However, Mrs. Hamdan confirmed that women succeeded to overcome such challenges and achieve progress at increasing their political and social involvement. In this sense, she maintained that CSOs, CBOs and women organizations networks influenced largely and effectively women engagement in decision making, local councils and parliaments.

In conclusion, both speakers called decision makers and officials on the need to ensure women’s rights and their fundamental, political freedoms and dissemination and promotion the concept of partnership and equality across community.