SVF invited Mrs. Amaal Hamad, Woman Circle in the Palestinian Parliament, Director , and Mr. Ghassan Abu Hattab, community activist, to talk in prepared, produced and broadcasted radio program on ( Women movement in Palestine, Dimensions and Challenges) on September 17, 2008.

Mrs. Hamad represented the women’s movement role in Palestine to merge the woman’s rights in the Palestinian laws which aims to make a radical change for a democratic society. Mrs. Jouda explained how it contributes in reinforcement the woman’s role and status in the society by assist on enact a family protection law that effectively prohibits and appropriately punishes all forms of violence against woman in line with international standards. Mr. Abu Hattab indicated to woman’s movement role in establishing quality shelters and supporting centers for women survivors of violence that function as refuges without compromising women’s privacy, personal autonomy, and freedom of movement. She clarified the woman’s movement needs: (energy, various skills, opened and general vision, and the ability to be more flexible with the contemporary situation). Mrs. El.Masri pointed to the open way followed which is free of the political parties and its attempts to rebel against the political attitude.