SVF invited Mrs. Helana Al.Swally, social worker, Mrs. Amal Abu Dalal, Voluntary Women’s vice-chairman, and Mr. Ayman Abu Kraiem, coordinator in the SVF, to talk in produced and broadcasted radio program on ” Women’s Parliament….Hopes and Aspirations”, on December 3,2008.

Mrs. Abu Dalal referred that the Palestinian woman has no knowledge of her rights in spite of the great role the media plays to raise and empower woman participation and role in the community. Furthermore, she assisted on the necessity of giving woman her right in elections and voting. Hence, she indicated that habits and traditions constitute obstacle in front of woman development and raising. So she referred on the importance of overcoming impediments by conducting more seminars and conferences besides awareness sessions to raise woman and community awareness of her political and social rights and to enhance positive community culture towards woman protection. In her role, Mrs. Al.Sawali commended the Palestinian woman struggles and roles to prove herself and improve her status throughout the ages. In this regard, she pointed out the formal women parliament conducted by the SVF and its contribution to enhance and empower woman political and social participation and motivate her to make decision and assume high positions in the community. She indicated that such parliament contributes largely to raise young women awareness of parliamentary work mechanisms through conducting more women parliamentary sessions to discuss women affaires and issues. Furthermore, she assisted on the importance of providing more chances to woman in the political and social participation through improving her participation in the women quota to promote and empower her role and presentation in all social and political community aspects. In his role, Mrs. Abu Kraiem indicated to women parliament that conducted by the SVF, funded by MEPI, and thanked all the CBO’s and NGO’s coordinated with to contribute at succeeding the project actions.